Saturday, 17 March 2012

At this land of barakah

At this land of barakah,

Where my journey has began,

The place when I start to know,

Who I really am,

to be a perfect muslimah,

At this land of barakah,

My Ustazah told me who is HIM,

He is a great creator,

We should be obedient because,

From HIM we come and to HIM we return.

At this land of barakah,

I learned how to appreciate ustaz and ustazah,

How they are so important in my life,

Without them who we are today,

Have thought us read, write, and count everyday,

At this land of barakah,

I knew that I am the selected person,

I stayed in this maahadi,

Picked up the pearl of knowledege,

and seperate it to the others outside,

At this land of barakah,

Of course i will never forget,

My life for five years here,

so many sweet memories to be remembered,

I will keep all of them in my heart,


Kak Cik (Ogos 2010)

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